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Firebox is selling this pack of 1-meter long spaghetti for $16. A premium price for sure, but priceless if you want to re-enact that classic scene from Lady and the Tramp. Wait, right?


I need this badly. I always guess the amount of spaghetti I’m cooking and it never seems to be right. I either end up eating way too much or I end up hungry again later on. Type is a clever tool made of Carrara marble by Italian design firm Studio Lievito. Each side of this […]


So this is awesome. Tablespoon shares this super simple recipe on how to turn an ordinary serving of pasta into a colorful mix of spaghetti!


Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner designed this Spaghetti Tower container that has a top opening with 4 different sizes that conveniently dispenses just the right amount of pasta for select servings. For $23, this could very well just save your life.