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Photo by metrocurean This is old news if you follow the creative cupcake world closely, but I’m just seeing this grand-prize winning Lo Mein Cupcake now and it looks delicious! There’s actually no info on which team/person made this cupcake in particular, but metrocurean says it was part of last summer’s Hellocupcake “Design Your DC” […]


Golly Gee Damn is behind this monstrous delicacy which can only be called The Spaghetti Bomb. It’s basically a huge meatball stuffed with spaghetti and sauce! Mmm! I WANT!


Alex Creamer, a student at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK, created this unique product packaging for spaghetti using a 3D model of the Chrysler Building in New York City that he stuck to the inside of a white rectangular box. The result of placing spaghetti inside this box is that the spaghetti […]

Spaghetti from Si on Vimeo. Haha, this is what happens when technology fails to make life easier.