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Wait, what?! If you hate bread crust/edges, you’ll love this Kotobuki Panda Sandwich Mold used in this video.

Woman quickly fills mailboxes with flyers

Whoa, look at this lady fill numerous mailboxes with advertising flyers. Thank goodness I don’t have a mailslot hole like these mailboxes. Mine requires a key for flyer spam.


Are you ready for this? Serious Eats writer J. Kenji Lopez-Alt lays down his life to try every single flavor of Spam available on the market. I for one really love Spam and couldn’t have asked for a better slideshow (although I really want a detailed breakdown of every flavor…I know there’s more than what […]

Watch this video from Aza Raskin about how clever CSS write-up can mask what’s actually being shown on a webpage. Some spammers have begun to use this in emails and Aza has taken their technique and applied it to a webpage that plainly shows his email address but turns it into gobbly-gook as soon as […]

Rob over at BoingBoing says he got spam from a Chinese company reportedly making dinosaurs! The dinosaurs are incredibly cool and according to the email they work on infrared sensors so if nobody is around, they automatically turn off. But seriously, the video above is worth watching. I want one.