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This is neat that even after all these years Evangelion is still relevant enough to have Pentax make special edition cameras inspired by it. Here’s the Pentax ‘Evangelion’ Q10s.


This is neat. LIFE Magazine has posted large scans of their Special Edition issue on August 11, 1969 commemorating the Moon Landing. Great photos inside.


Time Magazine has put together a commemorative Michael Jackson special issue that will go on newsstands on Monday, June 29, 2009. The commemorative issue interviews many famous celebrities and friends of Michael Jackson and will cost $5.99. I think the picture they used is a good choice. Check out Just Jared for a larger version […]


If you thought the Spider-Man and Obama inauguration special comic was a bit weird, wait until you see where Spider-Man ends up next! Marvel Comics is slated to release a special 6-page free digital comic on President’s Day (February 16, 2009) that puts Spider-Man and Captain America at the place where Abraham Lincoln gave his […]