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You probably already saw some of the amazing visual effects done by ILM for Pacific Rim, now check out this specific video that explains and shows how the city of Hong Kong was made…and then destroyed — all inside the computer!

Hmm, interesting video from MN8/Jake Sargeant showing some ideas for the TRON: Legacy disc extraction sequence from the movie.

This is an amazing video of how the special effects team on RoboCop used matte paintings to finish particular scenes of the movie at a time before computer graphics were a standard in the movie business. In addition, this video shows the puppets and the scale models used for ED-209.

Man, this show just gets bloodier and bloodier by the season. Maybe I should have never stopped. I heard it gets better after season 2. Anyway, this is really impressive work from Stargate Studios as some scenes are basically entire CGI creations.


The Stan Winston School takes a look at how the T-800 special effects were completed in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This is one of my all-time favorite movies and seeing how the endoskeleton was animated with animatronics (is that the right word?) is just so cool.