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Gimmicky in a way, but kind of neat! These bike tires show a rainbow spectrum when in motion.


The colorful Bicycle decks are always my favorite. When I first heard about the Spectrum deck being funded on Kickstarter I was excited not only because I knew they’d look great, but because it meant that in some weird way, it was possible for USPCC to make at least 52 different colored decks (way more […]


I just backed the Spectrum Deck on Kickstarter. In just a little over 4 hours, the project was fully funded and it still has 29 days to go! Pretty amazing.


Click to enlarge I’ve already got some colorful Bicycle playing cards and now I’ve got one more to add to the collection. This rainbow spectrum deck was made in 2009 and has since been out of production. It’s not exactly hard to find, but it’s rare and nice enough to warrant a purchase for my […]