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Gizmodo just posted this insane video of a group of well-dressed people standing with their back facing a storming tank as the tank brakes hard just before it hits them. Umm, what?! Are these people crazy or just super-confident in this tank’s abilities to stop at will?

Damn, this is one emotional PSA about slowing down when you drive.

SO….this video doesn’t give us the answer but does present three choices, of which I believe Option B is the best — to go into neutral. Shutting the engine off will make a car lose power steering (right?) and E-brake will just lock the wheels and potentially cause the car to spin or flip. Let […]

Spoofing the traffic camera: Longboarding Without Limits

Heh, this guy goes so fast on a longboard down a hill that a traffic camera took a photo of him speeding.

The creators of the NoPhoto project claim this is 100% legal and a sure-fire way to get out of speeding and traffic light tickets. The NoPhoto license plate frame jams traffic cameras by emitting its own xenon flash on both sides of the license plate essentially rendering any image of your license plate over-exposed to […]

This has long been one of my favorite Snow Patrol songs, and although I’ve seen the music video before, it just occurred to me now that the entire music video is just a silent adaptation of Claude Lelouch’s 1976 film