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When I moved to Los Angeles, one of the first things I became aware of was how vast the city really was. It was huge. Much bigger than anybody has ever really tried to tell me and certainly a huge difference from the rather small footprint of NYC. It was something I struggled with pretty […]

Reactions to Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated film, Her, in this documentary by Lance Bangs.

Damn. This looks like an amazing movie from Spike Jonze starring Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix.

Another short film from Spike Jonze that I’ve never seen. This one tells the story of why you often find shoes just lying on the side of the street. [via]

I’ve heard a lot about this short in the last year but for some reason I just never got the chance to sit down and watch it through. I just did though and it’s phenomenal. Spike Jonze takes the Los Angeles landscape and weaves it so intricately into this story about two humanoid robots falling […]