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NO SPILLS! Even if you’re maneuvering the car like an idiot! Unfortunately (for some), this project was not funded.

A fantastic Retro Report from The New York Times about the infamous story of Stella Liebeck vs McDonald’s in which she sued and won a large lump sum of money for being burned by McDonald’s coffee when it spilled onto her lap. This Retro Report talks about how this single news story took a life of its […]

The review of the movie is embedded above, and the review of the John Carter trailer is below.

Gizmodo reports that Team Elastec recently won the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE by building an oil skimming rig that can pump 4600 gallons of oil a minute out of water to aid oil cleanup efforts. The team used a plastic disc with grooves to collect oil (because oil naturally sticks to plastic) and […]