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Remember Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Volvo split? Here’s Channing Tatum doing a similar stunt in a pseudo-promo for 22 Jump Street!


Hmm, this is interesting. The Duo camera, designed by Chin-Wei Liao as his final project at the Royal College of Art’s Innovation Design Engineering program, is a two-piece camera that allows you to shoot a subject and have that subject shoot you at the same time. The camera breaks apart in the middle and includes […]

Whoa, this is a really neat project from Ishac Bertran where he takes a number of real vinyl records and splices them physically together into one whole record — thus creating what he calls an analog vinyl sample. I’m sure this isn’t good for the record needle, but hey, this is spectacularly cool art. Well worth […]

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Paul Haggis, Canadian director of such films like Crash and Million Dollar Baby has opened up to NBC about his split a few years back from Scientology. His split from the church is considered the most high profile of any celebrity in the […]

This is interesting. State Farm has a restored 1968 Camaro that’s literally split down the middle to show the difference between a stock car and a restored and modified version of that same car. The vehicle is used to train State Farm professionals to accurately gauge how much a car should be insured for.