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ROCKETBOOM dives deep into the world of spy agencies not just here at home but also all around the world. Apparently spying is big business to governments.

BEST GOVERNMENT IS THE GOVERNMENT THAT SPIES ON YOU. Now is a good time to revisit this post on Why Privacy Matters. It has nothing to do with hiding anything, but everything to do with keeping what’s private, well, private.

Seth Worley directs this amusing short about a retired Russian spy that sets out to retrieve a lost piece of technology that has fallen into the wrong hands.

Graffiti artist Push paints the side of the Evo store in Seattle with the help of The Seventh Letter and Spy Optics. A nice little pop of color to the neighborhood.

ISO50 posts this really great looking video by Stephane Coedel that shows Kevin Dart’s illustrations for Elizabeth Ito’s new Yuki 7 book entitled Looks That Kill in fabulous animated form. Such a fun video to watch!