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Wow! This is so cool!┬áKlemens Torggler created this unique door that incorporates rotating squares to open and close. It is just so elegant in design and function. I want one! And if you like this, you’ll love his other iterations of the same door concept — some are made of glass. More videos inside!

This is a really neat idea for a video. Can you notice the still images before they come to the foreground?

A stop-motion video of various objects shape-shifting under the control of two hands.


Man, I love the inside of this Shuttle Bag from The Quiet Life. It’s always small details like that that make me choose one duffel bag over another even though they’re all essentially the same thing. This one comes in navy/red and black/purple for just over $65 USD.

I’ve always thought those big grey squares covering graffiti were a lot uglier than the actual graffiti they covered, but I guess if you take a look at it a different way, they can be seen as “art”. Thanks Bates!

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I don’t normally eat that much cereal but I just want to take some time now to say that Quaker Oatmeal Squares with brown sugar is absolutely delicious! Simon bought a box and I tried it for the first time last night. It is one of the better-tasting cereals I’ve ever had without going over […]