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This is an incredibly long video (over 3 hours long!), but that’s because science is happening in real time here! This is a recording of a live dissection of a giant squid. Around the 54-minute mark, you get to learn a lot about the anatomy of the colossal squid. Then, somewhere around 1 hour and […]

Whoa, this is so freaky and cool! Watch as diver Steve Backshall grabs a hold of a Humboldt Squid which tries to get away from him by squirting ink all into the sea!

Future generations of squid being created in the Gulf of Mexico! This video is incredibly clear.

SO AWESOME. But man, maybe show a bit more of this video loop next time?


Drawn shared these Whaleboats by Kyler Martz which are on sale as prints for $25 each. A lovely reimagining of what a boat and lighthouse really are.