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RED OCTOPUS from René & Radka on Vimeo. These are the coolest kites I’ve ever seen. LOBSTER from René & Radka on Vimeo. BLUE OCTOPUS from René & Radka on Vimeo.

One of the more well-known bike messengers in NYC talks about the change NYC has made to make cycling a safer and more viable form of transportation.

Me. Jenn. Beefy. We downed that dish of seafood with no hesitation. The live octopus is pretty delicious. What really caught me off guard though during this whole meal was the moving lobster in the hot pot. If you want to try this, bring at least 3 other friends and go to Sik Gaek in […]

Jenn, Beefy, and I are going to eat live squid/octopus tomorrow at Sik Gaek in Queens! Pretty excited to do this actually. Will hopefully have some videos to post later this week.

Ok, ok. Now I really cannot stomach this. Especially not with that huge eyeball staring back at me from a MOVING BODY.

I thought I’d be able to eat that live squid bowl in Japan but now that I’m seeing what it looks like to actually eat one, err, I’m having second thoughts. This looks gross.