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In case you’re wondering, this is the type of cinematography you can get away with using the FreeFly MoVI camera stabilization system.


The GoRig stabilization mount works for all versions of the GoPro camera. It’s custom made by a guy in Australia and is sold exclusively on eBay. The rig is made for divers to get a better handle on the camera during operation, but I can also see this being super useful when filming from out […]

Fujifilm X-S1 commercial with stabilizing chicken head

You may remember the stabilizing head of an owl or the video of a chicken head tracking its position in space, now Fuji is banking on the concept for this ad for the X-S1 camera.

From the always-fabulous Duck Duck Collective! This video focuses mainly on showing how Adobe After Effects CS 5.5 uses its warp stabilization to make post-processing video much better than its competition.

Technology used by the military has slowly trickled down to the consumer level with this free download of MotionDSP’s vReveal. vReveal is a free Windows application that dramatically reduces camera blur and shake similar to how military drones handle motion and blur when flying thousands of feet in the air and capturing video of objects […]