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I’m interested in getting one of these¬†carbon fiber camera stabilizers from OwlDolly. They seem to work pretty well and are quite affordable considering the competition. They also sell a mini version of this for smaller cameras and GoPros.

Whoa, I really like this LUUV stabilizer. It’s a 3D printed stabilizer that looks cool and isn’t too bulky. The control of the LUUV is all done using your fingers and the entire rig can be flipped upside down if necessary. If you want one, you can support the Indiegogo project here and get one […]

This is neat. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of how the STABiLGO¬†(a now-cancelled Kickstarter project) takes a GoPro camera and counter-balances it so that you can move in just about any direction while filming without the camera tilting wildly to the left and right. This would be great for tracking while biking or skating.