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This reminds me of those plastic mold machines you would find at zoos. Totally want one of these.

I thought I had posted this before, but I guess not. Here’s a video of Nick Confalone and his family being video taped on Christmas morning as they come down the stairs of their house — every year for 25 years. I have some memories of my dad doing this on Christmas morning, although not […]

The 2nd half of this video talks about something that I never really realized — that stairs in most places are often placed out of sight and in unsightly areas to sort of discourage their use over elevators and escalators. Basically, making us all really lazy.


Remember that video of Po-Chih Lai’s Stair-Rover I posted last summer? At the time it was merely a concept/prototype but now you can actually get your hands on one through this Kickstarter campaign. The 8-wheeled skateboard can traverse down stairs with ease and looks super awesome while doing it. Pledge and make one yours today.