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Another fantastic letterpress piece of work by Joey Roth. This one gives visual representation to the Grind vs the Dream. Grind: Disciplined, incremental movement through reality towards a goal. Dream: A good idea that loses potency as it encounters reality. Printed by Aardvark Letterpress in LA. You can buy one for $35.


Also, don’t forget that this weekend at Grand Central is the Parade of Trains!!! Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

The Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan has created a wheelchair robot can use its wheels as “legs” to climb steps.


There are a few reviews on Amazon saying that the new POOF-Slinky (POOF bought the Slinky brand in early 2000s) is a bit shorter and thus cannot walk down stairs like the original Slinky is known for. Is this true? Also, when did the Slinky start selling for more than $10???