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Ultra-rare I suppose since Expert Playing Card Co. no longer sells these. The neat thing about this deck is the gold foil star stamp on the back side of the cards. Never seen that done before on any deck and I think it works really well. Wish more playing card decks were like this.

Effective today, the USPS has a new First Class stamp price (a rice of 3 cents) and a host of other new prices for all of their services. In the end, it’s still a bargain to ship via USPS compared to UPS and FedEx. I don’t mind this at all.

The Smithsonian uploaded this video that’s a part of the National Postage Museum that shows how artists go about making and designing the stamps used on our national postage.

This is awesome! Ford’s new Freeform Fabrication Technology brings down the time it takes to stamp sheet metal from 6-8 weeks to overnight. The system reads a CAD file and then uses robotic points (like a pen) to bend the metal to the desired shape. For prototypes and concept vehicles, this is a godsend I’m […]

This seems like a really complicated way to explain to somebody that corporations aren’t people.