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I’m a sucker for TwelveSouth Apple accessories. This latest one that they just announced, the ParcSlope for MacBook, is yet another item I want (but definitely don’t need). It’s a stand that elevates your MacBook to an 18-degree tilt for more comfortable typing and better air cooling of the MacBook. It’s sized for current MacBooks […]


This is hands down the most elegant pour over coffee stand I’ve come across. Price: $95.


For lovers of the Hario V60 drip coffee maker, this Clive Coffee Stand would make a great gift. I’m trying to find one for an Aeropress setup though. Any help?


I had no idea that through two unmarked doors inside Grand Central Terminal is a long-forgotten (or rather, hidden) cab stop. It’s open to the public and you can go there freely.

For archival’s sake, here’s the video of Banksy’s authentic street stand in NYC selling his art during his month-long art project in the city. The stand was unannounced and for those who bought a print for the low-low price of $60, well, you now own something that the art world would value at several thousand […]