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Poppin’ colors in this music video. Nicki has cornered the market on stare-into-nowhere music video acting.


There’s something a bit haunting about the portrait of Steve Jobs on the new Walter Isaacson biography on Jobs. Steve stares, urging you to pick up his book and read it. Or just making sure you aren’t doing anything bad while in his presence. Watched By Steve captures Steve lurking behind the scenes.

Untitled from Noah Kalina on Vimeo. Noah Kalina does some of the most interesting work I come across online. This cat video is definitely pretty awesome.


Over at the MoMA Interactives website, you can watch a live feed of Marina Abramović’s current performance art in which she sits at a table and stares at nothing for as long as she can. Visitors to the MoMA can sign up to sit across from her and join her in the installation piece. My […]

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Photo: AP / Brennan Linsley (click to enlarge) The Frame posted this photo of an Afghan girl with some strikingly beautiful eyes. Look at that stare. It’s deadly and it’s a bit wonderful, too.