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This was just so sad to watch. I hope they figure out what’s happening in the ocean soon.

Whoa, check out this video Neatorama posted of a natural phenomenon known as a “Brinicle” forming under water. As the Brinicle reaches the sea floor, it encases several starfish in a tomb of ice. It’s fast-forwarded in the video above. Freaky!

First off, this is a huge starfish. Second, if you ever wondered how an upside-down starfish turns itself right-side-up, then watch the video above. This video gives me the creeps (goosebumps all over!!!). [via]

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I will never see starfish the same ever again after having watched this BBC Life video above which shows starfish essentially dissolving a dead seal underwater. The process takes an extended period of time, but even after knowing this, seeing the process happen still gives me goosebumps. [via] The video isn’t embeddable, so head on […]