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Where do I even begin? As an infographic nerd (or rather, infographic digester), the work that Jon Millward has done to study 10,000 porn stars and their careers is simply beyond words. I don’t know how to explain it, but I know that it’s great simply because of the facts he has gleaned from this […]

One walk around town in NYC during Fashion Week and you’ll know what this short film from Garage Magazine talks about. Lately, it seems like the act of photographing street style is more important than the fashion itself. Photographers crowd around non-celebrities like paparazzi all to get a good shot to post onto fashion blogs. […]

DEATH VALLEY DREAMLAPSE from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo. The amount of stars you see here…WOW. JUST WOW! I live close enough to this place that I should just go out there. Get myself a Poler Napsack and call it a day!

Sometimes TED puts people on stage who really shouldn’t be there. The Onion does too, but for Onion Talks, it works. For TED, it’s a misstep.