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There’s a pretty fantastic article over at The Verge published earlier this year about the¬†booming deer population in Staten Island. For a borough of New York City with no major natural connection to any other landmass, Staten Island seems like an odd place for deer to call home, let alone grow into epic numbers. And […]

This is really interesting. It turns out that a lot of those quarter-eating vending machines at delis, pizza parlors, and bodegas in NYC were the product of the genius mind of Bradley Ellison (aka Sugarman). Sugarman lives in Staten Island and spends his days driving around doing meager pickups from where his machines call home. […]


NY City Council recently approved the construction of a 625-foot tall ferris wheel to be built on Staten Island. The ferris wheel is one part of a larger complex to be built on this site which also includes the city’s first and only outlet mall. The name of this ferris wheel? The New York Wheel […]

The winds of Ocean Breeze lament Staten Island’s dead from finitor on Vimeo. Freaky! This unfinished building on Staten Island’s East Shore resonates with haunting music when wind blows through it. This video was shot on an iPhone 5 and the sound was recorded straight from the camera.