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Sumit here records a video explaining how riding a simple stationary bike at home can lead to significant weight loss if given a goal and a way to measure progress. It’s a very motivating video to watch. [via]

Watching an illustration come to life from the stationary viewpoint of the tip of the pen/marker is pretty mind boggling.


While employed at Facebook, designer Ben Barry designed this gorgeous personal stationery for Mark Zuckerberg. The set comes with a hand-embossed seal (official Mark Zuckerberg stamp), grey mailing envelope, and paper that incorporates a beautiful and subtle clear foil stamp on the back. Magnificent work!


Brigada Creativa made these neat icon paper and icon envelope stationary to make snail-mail a bit more exciting to receive. Man, thick black lines do a lot to a real-life object. [via]

Wow, I had no idea that chickens could keep their head so still while the rest of their body moves all over the place! It doesn’t even matter if the chicken is being moved around by some other kind of force or if the chicken is moving its body on its own, that head just […]