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Where do I even begin? As an infographic nerd (or rather, infographic digester), the work that Jon Millward has done to study 10,000 porn stars and their careers is simply beyond words. I don’t know how to explain it, but I know that it’s great simply because of the facts he has gleaned from this […]

WeTransfer has gone global. Big Time! from Present Plus on Vimeo. Some interesting stats on WeTransfer. I actually really hated using this service at my last job, but everybody and their mom insisted on it. It turns out that’s because everybody and their mom actually uses it. Or so it seems.

The Official Gmail Blog just posted about this Google Docs Script that digs through your Gmail and charts out your Gmail usage and statistics in a lovely little email. Try it out!


That’s a fact. And what’s even more surprising is that 46 million Americans agree to shorten their life-span every single day despite overwhelming scientific research that smoking does indeed lead to a host of other health-related problems. If you want to quit today, the White House has a couple of links to get you started. […]


Are you a weather statistics freak that wants all the weather information right at your fingertips? Check out Weather Spark a weather website that not only tells you the current weather, but also shows you graphs and charts relating the current weather to previous weather information dating as far back as the 1950′s. You can […]

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For a company so rooted in statistics and numbers, I’ve always wondered why Google never made a stats page for individual Gmail users. Well, even if they never do, it looks like somebody else has in the form of a Google Chrome extension called Graph Your Inbox. After you’ve installed the extension, just log into […]