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This is neat! Nike Skateboarding has a minisite online that gives a ton of stats on professional skateboard Eric Koston’s life as a Nike team member. Click each major category and see how many hours he’s spent in a van on tour, how many skateboards he’s skated, where’s he’s skated the most, and a whole […]


I bookmarked this knowing that it will probably come in handy later. It’s a real-time list of Gawker Media’s trending articles. Thanks Andy!

WeTransfer has gone global. Big Time! from Present Plus on Vimeo. Some interesting stats on WeTransfer. I actually really hated using this service at my last job, but everybody and their mom insisted on it. It turns out that’s because everybody and their mom actually uses it. Or so it seems.


I just came across Analytiks for iOS, an app that makes looking at Google Analytics for your site really easy on the eyes. It’s $.99 on the iTunes App Store and you should really get it.


I love how Warby Parker put together its 2011 year in review. It’s filled with stats of all sorts in a very pretty side-scrolling page!