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The Reed Space and Martha Cooper have teamed up to release this limited edition T-shirt to benefit the family of legendary NYC graffiti artist Warne Roberts, better known as STAY HIGH 149.


Photo: Jon Naar The New York Times has published a short but in-depth obituary on Wayne Roberts, aka Stay High 149, a prolific NYC graffiti writer who passed away recently at the age of 61. The obituary goes into Roberts’ personal life and his near-disappearance into oblivion before being discovered by a fellow graffiti writer […]


The graffiti community lost an important member today in Stay High 149, who passed away at the age of 61. Stay High 149 was a pioneer in the NYC graffiti scene, tagging his iconic man smoking a joint all over trucks, walls, and trains of yesteryear. His legacy will not be forgotten and I have […]


A new book from Gingko Press called STAY HIGH 149 takes a look at the infamous tagger from NYC and how he transformed graffiti in the 70′s to eventually become one of the most prolific graffiti writers in the area. The book details the rise and fall of the writer and his journey into graffiti […]