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This was made specifically for the video game Dishonored, but actually, the tips here apply in real life too.


I take it back. Maybe a stealthy all-black bat is better than a red, white, and blue one. Especially one that comes with a matte black tip like this one. Get one for $129.


Take a look at this X-9 Nighthawk concept bicycle from BME. The bike is super lightweight because of its aramid honeycomb core wrapped in carbon fiber skins. [via]

Check out this awesome video of the US Navy’s X-47B unmanned stealth fighter. The completely autonomous machine can take off and land on its own and is said to be able to refuel in mid-air with no trouble. Fly forever? That’s ok with this fighter jet! [via]

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The Undercover Stealth Laptop Case isn’t a new idea, but it’s always nice to see another one of these mailing envelope laptop disguises pop up on the scene. This particular one is cheap — only $24 — and cushions your laptop with “luxury inside lining”. It only comes in one size that fits any laptop […]