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This is a little bit of what I did this past weekend! If the video above isn’t working, try the Vimeo version below. Palm Springs 2013 from Herman Yung on Vimeo.

You need a password to watch it, so if I haven’t already sent it to you, just @reply me on Twitter or email me for it.


Photo by Bommy Kim Earlier this month, my brother Norman got engaged to his girlfriend Steph. Up until recently, I haven’t actually had the chance to ask either of them how it all went down, but thankfully my brother is the blogging type so he wrote it all out. Congratulations guys!


Norman recently came across this undated photo of the Yung Brothers and Brandon in an acoustic recording session. In the picture, from left to right, is myself, Brandon, Simon, and Norman. We’ve been discussing when this photo might have been taken (and by whom) and we’ve concluded that it was probably for Steph’s sweet 16 […]