Tag: Stephen Diaz

A video about Modern Building Inc., a construction company based in Northern California that has its hand in a number of diverse construction projects. This video was made by Stephen Diaz.

Check out the Woodzee wooden sunglasses collection! Affordable, stylish, and made from 100% natural wood. Their Trinity skateboard collection looks pretty amazing.

Stephen Diaz makes a promo video for the Penny Nickel 27″ Mini Longboard. I’ve ridden these before and they are super fun. I highly recommend getting one for yourself or a friend!

Damn! Stephen is flying down the sidewalks here in some pretty rad gear: Glidecam HD4000, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 16-35mm L lens. So cool!

Stephen Diaz went to a local skatepark in Chica, CA and filmed these slow-motion shots on the new GoPro Hero3. I want this solely for the 120fps action. So buttery smooth!!!