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I can’t believe he goes down here without a mask. If you remember, I posted another similar video from Steve Duncan earlier in 2012.

Steven Duncan and friends explore Buffalo Central Terminal

Steve Duncan (of Undercity fame) was at one time also on a Discovery Channel show about urban exploration. I had no idea! This 2-part video shows Steve and 3 other friends ripping apart the hidden passageways inside and under Buffalo Central Terminal. I wish I had known more about this place when I was there […]

Steven Duncan, my all-time favorite famous urban explorer gives a talk at TEDxPhoenixville about why he loves going into sewers and tunnels. At first it was “recreational trespassing”, but over time he’s become obsessed with finding out how city infrastructure works and is hidden underground. I can totally relate to this feeling of underground curiosity. […]

Steve Duncan of Undercity video fame is featured here in this never-before-posted video of him gaining illegal access to underground sewer drains and tunnels on the outskirts of NYC. As always, his stories are wildly fascinating!


Photo by Steve Duncan from NPR This is gold! Andrew Wonder made this film with Steve Duncan of Undercity.org showing the two of them going into various restricted underground areas in New York City. In a sense, this is my dream to be able to do this all day long. About half way through the […]