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This probably won’t do anything for you if you’re in a rush, but it’s hard not to say that this headphone case from Temple Bags is just beautiful. They’re on pre-order now for $40.

Temple Bags Vignette from McManus Studios on Vimeo. Here’s a short little video from McManus Studios featuring Steve from Temple Bags and his sewing machine.


Steve at Temple Bags has launched a brand-new website to showcase his amazing line of hand-made bags.

I guess the G-forces in a jet plane are extreme enough to make the average person pass out during maneuvers. I would not like to be on a jet I don’t think. Thanks Olivia!


Steve over at Temple Bags just unveiled this beautiful tan waxed canvas duffel bag made with brown cow hide from the Oregon Leather Co. It looks like it’d be the perfect bag for a small trip. If you love it do let Steve know and he’ll consider making some more when he comes back from […]