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This is a really neat idea for a video. Can you notice the still images before they come to the foreground?


Sequence is by far the easiest app to use to make time-lapse videos from still images. It’s super easy. Tell it how many photos you want to show per second, and then direct it to a folder of images. That’s pretty much it. In fact, the app is so dead simple that the main screen […]

Micro Expressions: exploring motion image photography from untitled film works on Vimeo. It seems as if Canon Australia lent out a bunch of EOS 1D C cameras to traditional still photographers and challenged them to take still images from the video capability of the camera to see if it could compare to high-resolution still cameras […]

Check out this video of the Mars Curiosity Rover landing video (which was posted in HD previously) that somebody put together which turns the jagged video into something more similar to motion-capture. [via] As the video description says: This is the Curiosity Mars Rover descent footage interpolated from ~4 frames per second to 25 frames […]

Man, talk about dedication! This video of Disneyland was filmed over the course of a year and stitched together using 30,000 frames of still images. Beautiful, no? [via]


ScreenRant has obtained stills from the upcoming Toy Story short, Hawaiian Vacation, which will be played before the Cars 2 film later this year. The short is said to follow Ken and Barbie as they plan a trip to Hawaii which goes somehow wrong. Can’t wait to see this!