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I’m more of a Dropbox user myself, but I’m hoping that this incredibly storage deal from Box will somehow push Dropbox to give at least that much amount of space to users for free. Here’s hoping…PLEASE…please…


Big changes coming to Flickr today with the introduction of 1TB of free storage for ALL USERS and a brand-new super-big image browsing format. Nice overall, but is it enough to draw users back? I’m not speaking for everyone here, but in my own circle of friends, I feel like we’ve all moved to Facebook […]


Google has simplified storage across their services with one unified storage account totaling 15GB. Whether you use Drive, Google+, or Gmail you get 15GB to use however you see fit. A good idea for those of us who store stuff with Google+, but I mean, does Google know that Facebook has unlimited storage for photos?

The Drobo Mini from Drobo actually sounds like a pretty great portable storage device. It’s currently on pre-order and brings with it all of the no-nonsense data storage capabilities of a standard Drobo unit and makes it just slightly bigger than a router. Swappable 2.5″ drives, 3TB of storage space, USB 3.0 ports and Thunderbolt […]