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There’s a really fascinating read over at Jezebel about what it was like to work for and at Lisa Frank Inc. It turns out the company best known for its ’90s takeover of everything with unicorns, rainbows, and cutesy illustrations, was actually a pretty terrible place to work. And not only that, it seems Lisa […]

Red Bull is about to put out a few shorts that follow 6 unique individuals who call NYC their home. Should be fun to watch.

Reddit has an on-going list of scary, freaky, and weird stories from people who drive big rigs (truckers). A lot of WTFs in this post.


Obama’s re-election, the Newtown school shootings, the Olympics, the Mars Rover landing, the Mayan apocalypse, Instagram’s TOS change, 50 Shades of Grey… These were all either the most important stories or the least important stories of 2012 as summed up very¬†succinctly¬†in this article from The Morning News entitled “The Year That Was and Wasn’t“. A […]

The daily musings and travels of a Parisian girl. [via]


Facebook has a real-time map showing Facebook checkins at various polling locations in the US. Don’t take this as a scientific examination though as Facebook only counts votes of people who have Facebook and who have clicked on the ‘I Voted’ button on their feed (meaning, this probably isn’t very accurate at all as a […]