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I love this measuring tape by Sunghoon Jung called The Hole Measuring Tape. It has space on the measuring portion to draw straight lines and tiny circles for convenient measuring later without the tape itself.


Did you know this? Little Big Details¬†writes that the Facebook ‘Married’ status icon changes based on the genders of the people involved. For instance, in a gay marriage, the icons show two men while in a heterosexual marriage the icons are of a man and a woman. I don’t have image proof of it, but […]

PEONFX from faz adhili on Vimeo. I have a big problem with people who can’t bike in a relatively straight line. Maybe it’s because I was following a group of try-hards today skidding all over the place on 6th Ave. They kept blocking traffic and I couldn’t help but think this is why drivers hate […]

A supercut of straight-down shots in film. I’ve always wanted to rig a super-wide camera in the middle of my room and take time-lapses of me moving around the room. I wonder what that would look like.

NPR posted this video above from Robert Krulwich describing the odd phenomenon of people unable to walk in a straight line when blindfolded. As long as an individual does not have a fixed point to focus on when traveling, their route will undoubtably always end up going in circles, and this happens while walking, swimming, […]