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This article in The New York Times talks about how cities that are traditionally spread out — say, Detroit and Atlanta — are much worse for the poor and those wishing to climb the social economic ladder. When it comes down to it, living in a city that is spread out rather than centralized is […]

Everything is going wrong with this ship. First it breaks down and its passengers are stranded at sea for a few days. And then when a tow boat comes to get it, the tow line snaps and the passengers are delayed from reaching shore. At the time of this post (6:30PM PST), the ship is […]


Check out these nice photos from Amy Stein who traveled the US with emergency car gear and offered assistance to stranded motorists on the road in exchange for their photo. She convinced a good number of people to do the trade and she walked away with some amazing photos of America and the different people […]

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Just learned from BuzzFeed that former President Richard Nixon’s speechwriter, William Safire, was asked to draft a letter to address the nation should the Apollo 11 astronauts (Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong) find themselves stranded on the lunar surface (or if they die while en-route).

Check out this video about a beached/stranded tanker called the MT Phoenix being re-floated after a storm. The re-floating wasn’t a success on the first run and in fact took about 4 different tries before the ship was back afloat and off again. Watch! The tanker, the MT Phoenix got in trouble in the vehement […]