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This video from Peak Design really digs into the reasons why despite owning a lot of camera straps, I have never really locked myself down to one. There are pros and cons to all of them but it looks like Slide might actually be a good middle-point for them all. It’s not really a neck […]


The POV Pack from Peak Design fits any GoPro or small compact camera to any strap on your body. Would be amazing for POV video and images while riding. Check out a video inside.

I just heard about this innovative quick release system from Peak Design called the Capture Camera Clip. It’s a clever way of mounting your camera to backpack straps, belts, and other areas for holster-like accessibility. It’s made to hold even the bulkiest of camera systems (both in size and weight) and secures the camera in place even when […]

I’ve been looking at Gordy’s Camera Straps for my Fujifilm X100s. This video sort of seals the deal for me. Love the fact that these are made in the USA with great materials. Really affordable leather straps that look great. Not to mention, a ton of versions available for all sorts of camera sizes. I’m […]