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Using string, nail polish remover, and a lighter, one can safely cut a glass bottle in half without much effort at all! Thanks for this tip Joyce!

I can’t see myself using this for professional gigs (looks too silly), but for leisure, this $1 camera stabilizer made out of string is pure genius. [via]

Seen here is a Korean street vendor making what’s called “The Kings’ Dessert”, an amazing sweet treat made from a single honey block and then quickly turned into 16,000 thin strands. I want this guy to be my friend. So cheery! [via]

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Hmm, interesting: A new company named StringBike is experimenting and developing new technology for bicycles that allows for continuous pushing of the rear wheel on both sides of the bike (whereas on a normal bike, usually only one leg is doing the pushing at a time as it goes around in a circle). Pretty crazy […]