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Alexander Chen took the timetable for the NYC Subway and turned it into a beautiful and soothing musical piece. Each line begins at its intended origin and follows the classic Massimo Vignelli subway map, creating a distinct plucking string sound as it crosses over another line in the system. You can check out the entire […]

Marques Toliver from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo. Wow wow wow! When one person and an instrument can make me completely stop what I’m doing and just watch uninterrupted for over 4 minutes, that’s a good thing. Marques Toliver here does just that with his voice and a violin. [via]

I used to play violin and it’s inevitable that sooner or later you’ll pop a string while playing. However, I have never ever seen anybody’s violin completely fall apart like this guy’s. I mean, his whole tail piece went flying with all 4 strings! [via]