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I own a Halo Belt (first version) and it’s one of my favorite night-time pieces that I use when I bike. I think the idea is great and can be used in so many more instances than just cycling. The new Halo Belt 2.0, seen in the video above, is USB rechargeable (YES!) and comes […]


I posted a video of this over here. So stoked to ride with this tonight! It’s got 3 modes — blinking, delayed blinking, and solid and it runs on 2 3V CR2025 batteries. Slick!

This is one of the products coming to market that I’m most excited about. The Halo Belt Company is selling these Halo LED strip DIY kits over on their Kickstarter page and I totally think you should contribute! Bright, colorful, and super simple to attach to just about anything.

A video of how the amazing HALO ZERO LED bag from Rickshaw Bagworks is going to look on your back. Support the project here or read up on what it’s all about here!