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Esther shared this blog named Stripetastic that’s all about showcasing the absolute best pattern any girl can wear — STRIPES. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, criss-crossed, you name it, this blog has it in stripes.


I have never seen this version of the American Flag before, but after reading this short entry about American Flags at MeFi, I have learned that the American Flag never really had any strict standards concerning its design until about 1942 when the Federal Flag Code went into law. Because of this lax design criteria, […]


Have a look at this spiral of colors above. Do you see the green and blue spirals going toward the center? Well, what you see as green and blue is actually the same exact color (Discover Magazine has RGB proof). The visual trick here occurs because our brains “see” colors based upon the colors that […]


I really wouldn’t mind my MacBook Pro with this striped cover from iamhuman. Cost: $30.