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This is just a mini Evangelion suit isn’t it? Something like what’s in Pacific Rim. Anyway, this is the weirdest product demo video ever. I mean…the slashes on the guy’s face…???????

This is neat. A company called Nidaplast from France has been using the super-strong properties of honeycomb architecture to lay down temporary roads that are strong enough to carry the weight of cars. In the video above you can see them lifting these ultra-light blocks into place (they are 95% air).

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A student named Anirudha Surabhi at the Royal College of Art in London has created a bicycle helmet out of cardboard that has just passed several safety tests required to make it rider-safe. What’s more, the helmet not only passes the tests, but surpasses them and in some ways is even stronger than traditional helmets […]

This slightly amusing show of force is all to show how secure and strong this door from a company named Sur is. Watch these two sledgehammer-wielding strongmen go at it on both a cheap security door and the Sur door.

Ellen’s audience members are talented. In order of appearance: The frying pan roller. The fast reader. The unusual backflip on a trampoline man. You definitely don’t want to miss the 2nd girl. She’s pretty insane.