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A video from NASA showing how the Space Shuttle Discovery’s solid rocket boosters are recovered in the Atlantic Ocean after liftoff. This particular event happened after STS-133.

NASA has released footage of the final lift-off of the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-133) from the vantage point of both of its Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB’s). The footage captures the moments beginning 10 seconds before liftoff and up until the SRB’s detach from the Space Shuttle. Really wonderful views of the platform (seriously). If you […]


Photo: NASA Last Thursday, February 24th, the Space Shuttle Discovery launched into space for the very last time, signaling the start of the end for the Space Shuttle program at NASA. Discovery has been in service for the last 26 or so years and has flown 38 times to space. Wikipedia has a great section […]