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Whoa! I’ve never seen footage of this before, but here’s a video from a handheld camera abord Space Shuttle Endeavour as the Space Shuttle releases its External Tank about 8 and a half minutes after take-off. The External Tank then falls back to earth and is retrieved by NASA crew.

Man, if there’s one video you need to watch in HD today, it’s this one.

I’m always amazed at these sort of videos. Here’s a very long 36-minute look at the final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour as it lifts off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The view is from the left solid rocket booster (SRB) looking down back at Earth. Thanks G!


Photo: Troy Cryder/Zuma Press As I mentioned before, the Space Shuttle program is winding down and as of earlier today, the Space Shuttle Endeavour has lifted off for the last time. The Space Shuttle Endeavour will soon join the Space Shuttle Discovery in a retired fleet of spaceships, with only the Space Shuttle Atlantis remaining […]