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I like this. I like this a lot. I don’t shoot enough to justify buying a several thousand dollar light setup, but for the casual product shoot at home, this Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolight (300 Watts) sounds like a great deal. It’s only $99 and has been given the blessing from DPreview. There’s also a […]

On April 19th, 2014 – RECORD STORE DAY – Jack White and Third Man Records succeeded in delivering the world’s fastest studio-to-store record to fans in Nashville. If you missed it previously, you can get a tour of Jack White’s Third Man Records right here and a look at their direct-to-vinyl recording booth here.

This might be my favorite studio tour ever. The handmade feel of his films transfers directly to his studio space where just about everything is built by himself for a purpose. It’s messy but in a beautiful way and I would love to build out a space of my own modeled after this. Check out […]