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“Explanations allow us to understand how and why an event happened, which immediately allows us to see how and why it might happen again.” Explanations allow us to make full use of our experiences, but they also change the nature of those experiences. As we have seen, when experiences are unpleasant, we quickly move to […]

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Reading through Stumbling on Happiness has brought to light a number of things that I’ve always thought but needed somebody to put into words so that I could understand it myself. Case in point, the excerpt below which describes in some detail why I often LOVE eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch when I haven’t had it […]


This, my friends, is exactly what has been running through my head as of late. Anybody who wants to move to California and states “good weather” as the main reason is going to really be in for a big surprise. It’s a great place, but definitely not because of the weather. It is difficult to […]


I’ve had my nose in this book quite extensively in the past week. Daniel Gilbert writes with such candor and humor that it’s hard to put the book down. At this point in the book he’s getting deep into the heart of the title of the book — that is why humans are so incredibly […]

A quote from Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert: As much as the science might wish for it, there isn’t a view from nowhere. Once we have an experience, we are therefore unable to see the world as we did before. Our innocence is lost and we cannot go home again. We may remember what […]


I’m excited to start this book by Daniel Gilbert called Stumbling on Happiness. The book scientifically and psychologically breaks down why humans are so poor at judging what will make them happy. Often times we think something will make us happy, but in the end it really doesn’t. Gilbert delves into the complexities of the […]