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This is the kind of look I like. Nothing too fancy or in vogue with the fashion world, but still utterly simple and stylish. Cathy has it down to a T. And the 365 Stranger project apparently thinks so too!

I guess these parodies are still coming out. But hey, at least this one is worth watching for the beautiful images of space and space gadgets.

Can somebody please turn all of the Star Wars films into anime animations like this? I’d gladly watch them all again.

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This seems like a rather odd pairing to me — to have a small compact camera and try to maintain some sort of retro-styling for nostalgia’s sake. I dunno, doesn’t that black faux-leather wrap-around look…hideous? Or is that just me? Chime-in with your thoughts in the comments!

Wow, Gangnam Style overload today. Here’s Nelly Furtado getting into the mix.