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When I first was reading about Adobe’s new Ink and Slide tools, I wasn’t particularly impressed. That is, until I watched this demo video from Gizmodo. The Ink and Slide are an advanced stylus and ruler for the iPad that makes drawing on a tablet not only easier, but also a bit more refined than […]

Adobe’s first real foray into hardware comes in the form of two objects known as the Mighty and the Napoleon. The Mighty is a stylus with smart sensors. The Napoleon is a sort of smart ruler that when used in conjunction with the Mighty evoke a sense of ruler and pencil over a drafting board. […]

Ten One Design designed a pressure-sensitive version of their Pogo stylus. Here’s the demo video. Neat!

This is pretty amazing. I know I just got a Cosmonaut, but this new Kickstarter video for the iPen blows the Cosmonaut out of the water. Just connect a sensor at the bottom of the iPad and the iPen becomes a precision writing tool similar to a ballpoint pen on paper. Read more about the […]


The Cosmonaut wide-grip stylus. It is mine! Now I can start to do something with hermandraws.com. Thanks Simon!

Heh, a very light-hearted video from Studio Neat showing how they make their Cosmonaut wide-grip stylus for touchscreens. I love the fact that they used a Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood intro for this.